Rogue Trail Work Gets Recycled

It was mentioned last week, and now another incident of some rogue trail work, this time on Bear Mountain. On Lorax, someone has put in a bypass route around the rock in the clearcut. We understand some do not like the rock, and look forward to a bypass. However the rogue bypass is unsustainable (a straight chute down which will funnel water and erode the trail). The trail builder does have plans to put in proper bypass this season, and the rouge bypass has been decommissioned.

FVMBA would like to mention, once again, that any needed trail work be brought to our attention, and we will put you in contact with the respective builder/maintainer of that trail to discuss your plans. Dismissing this protocol may result in your hard work being recycled back to nature.

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Bear DH is Getting a Facelift!

Bear Mountain is an amazing place to ride, and it is only getting better.

In recent years the Bear Mountain DH Course has taken a beating. The course is tired and each winter rain erodes the trail further creating an unsustainable route. We would like to say a sincere thank you to all who have helped work on this trail in the past. So many people and so many hours have helped keep this trail running.

Starting next week, this trail is getting a machine built rejuvenation. Ewan Fafard, acclaimed builder of Lorax and Squid Line, will be working his magic and crafting the Bear DH trail into another flagship trail on Bear Mountain.

This will result in a temporary trail closure beginning next Monday, October 20. This weekend will be the last chance to ride the trail prior to the temporary closure. Just one more reason to get out and ride your bike this weekend!

Thanks to a donation of the machine by the Crondahl family, and a monetary donation from Mission Springs Brewery & Pub, we currently we have enough funding to complete approximately half of this project.

We are seeking sponsorship for the remainder. If you can help, please contact Kevin Koopmans at:


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Trail Maintenance

Someone has been cutting out trail features (technical logovers) on Momentum (Red Mountain) which have been built as part of the trail. Momentum is considered a technical trail, and these features are part of what make it a challenging trail. Please, please, please do not do “trail maintenance” without first contacting a regional representative of the FVMBA or posting your thoughts with us here. “Dumbing down” a technical trail does NOT provide more enjoyment for mountain bikers.

Please share this post, and get the word out to your fellow riders that while we do appreciate help on the trails, helpers should first contact FVMBA to see where and what type of help is required.

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Twin Peaks Tag Team Mountain Duathlon

Twin Peaks Tag Team Mountain Duathlon

Date: Saturday September 27, 2014
(registration starting at 8:00am)

Location: Red & Bear Mountain
- staging area Mill Pond, Mission, BC

more information


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Invergarry Grand Opening

From our friends at SORCE…

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all members of FVMBA to the Invergarry Bike Park Grand Opening on Aug 17.  We realize that its the last day of Crankworks but we are going for it anyway.  The Surrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts going to be hosting the event which will include a bit of easy digging from 10-12 tuning the Little Shredder line, followed by a Jump Jam.  There will be food, music and prizes.  There is also a raffle draw for a WTP Justice BMX donated by Velocity Cycles.  This is meant to be a family event with the emphasis on getting the groms on the green line and the pumptrack. If you could throw a link up on your events page that would be awesome.

Thanks for your support,
Jon Proctor

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