**Trail Users assume all risks & liabilities associated with their use of these trails. Use trails at your own risk**

Logging commences on Sumas Mountain on Aug.26th, 2014.

None of the trails will be affected, however there will be logging traffic on the road at the exit of  World Cup and Timer Killer. For safety reasons those trails should be avoided until further notice.

Sumas is a recognized recreation area, and trails have been sanctioned. Gate is open during the day, but locked at dusk, so please take note of the hours posted at the gate. Trails are plentiful, and home to many levels of trail including the popular novice trail Squidline.

This is one of the few trail networks which can shuttled, but PLEASE respect the road and riders enjoying a climb on their own power up the hill. Be aware there are motorized trails also in this riding area.

Trail Reports by TrailForks. Click trail to view details or submit a report. Builders, please track your work on the trails here too!

Check the current temperature and wind conditions on Taggart Peak, Sumas Mountain.

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Trail List

TrailForks Dynamic Map

Pick up a trail map from participating bike shops in the Fraser Valley. Maps come with trail descriptions and GPS coordinates.

Check out the new reroute on World Cup! Gary and Kerry did an outstanding job getting the water off this trail and avoiding the goopy mud it was notorious for. Way to go Gary and Kerry!


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