2019 Year in Review – Part 5 – Highlights Moving East, A Bit of Tech, & More

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January 10, 2020
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2019 Year in Review – Part 5 – Highlights Moving East, A Bit of Tech, & More

Highlights Moving East, A Bit of Tech, & More…

Wes Macaulay, Director of Technology

A big highlight in 2019 for me was working with a group of users in the Agassiz area, and District of Kent staff, to establish a new multi-use trail system in the Mt. Woodside area. This project all initiated from an email sent in November, 2018; and in April, 2019 I made a presentation to District of Kent Council about the FVMBA and economic and recreational benefit of trails. The District has since committed to building a parking lot and trailhead on Mt. Woodside, and submitting a Sec.56 for the new trail system. Local users are in the process of scouting potential new trail routes.

I’d like to thank both the riders in the Agassiz and Harrison areas for setting this process in motion, and to the staff and council at the District of Kent for supporting this process! It’s pretty exciting!

On a technical note, it was also a big highlight to get the mapping platform, ArcInfo, set-up for helping with trail planning and importing GIS data from various sources; and then having the GPS-enabled mobile app set-up for builders to make sure new trails go where they’re supposed to go.

Furthermore, it has been exciting to work with the FVMBA Board and PMBIA to plan a membership training program to help FVMBA members improve their riding skills… stay tuned, because there’s more information to come about this program in 2020.

Wes Macaulay
Director of Technology – FVMBA



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