2019 Year in Review – Part 6 – Highlights in Abbotsford

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January 13, 2020
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January 17, 2020
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2019 Year in Review – Part 6 – Highlights in Abbotsford

Highlights in Abbotsford

Darryl Saynor, Director, Abbotsford

On Nov 20th FVMBA had a meeting with RSTBC, FVRD and the Woodlot, owner Rick Biller to go over our plans for developing a new blue trail which has been proposed to RSTBC and is pending approval. This trail would start near the bottom of Noah Fear and would finish near the start of No Time Out. In the meeting, we also discussed our plans to do maintenance work on Rock Diva and fix up some older sections that need some TLC, this would open up Rock Diva and make it a much longer run. The plans are to start this work as soon as the snow leaves Sumas in the spring.

Also of note is: Drews Trail will be given some attention and will be another option for getting up Sumas as this trail is more of a climbing trail, and it will get users off the main road, which I am sure everyone will appreciate. We showed them our idea for a future trail that could potentially start near the tower at the top of Sumas and end near the start of Time Killer, we still would need to plan the route more precisely and submit for approval, but that’s what we are here for.

Darryl Saynor
Director, Abbotsford – FVMBA


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