2020 Adopt a Trail Program: highlights of work done

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December 4, 2020
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December 12, 2020
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2020 Adopt a Trail Program: highlights of work done

THANK YOU to our our 2020 Adopt a Trail Sponsors!

Adopt a Trail Program 2020 Summary

This year has been difficult for events and we’ve been unable to host community trail days. This hasn’t hindered our passion for caring for the trails! Thanks to the funding provided by our 2020 Adopt a Trail Sponsors: Diverse Properties, Innovative Fitness, KONA Canada, and Norco / Live to Play Sports, we’ve been able to accomplish a significant amount of work on Sunnyside Up, Squid Line, Blackhawk Down, and Super Bear. Below are some of the highlights of what this program has enabled us to accomplish in 2020. Note: funds also support purchasing trail signage, tools, and materials.

If you are interested in learning about trails that are available for adoption in 2021, and the additional marketing benefits our Trail Adoption Sponsors receive, please contact us: info@fvmba.com.

Blackhawk Down (Black Forest HAM) – Vedder Mountain

Adopt a Trail Sponsor: KONA Canada

Work focused on replacement of a bridge where Blackhawk Down (BHD) crosses Up and Over Road. Two other short boardwalks were also built to help improve water management on the trail.

Trail Crew Member: Owen

Squid Line – Sumas Mountain

Adopt a Trail Sponsor: Innovative Fitness

The most popular trail on Sumas was a muddy mess this Spring. After 350 hours of work from trail crew and volunteers, drainage along the length of the trail was re-established, four short reroutes completed, berms freshly shaped, and a boardwalk replaced, together restoring the trail to mint condition.

Trail Crew Member: Siobhan

Super Bear – Bear Mountain

Adopt a Trail Sponsor: Norco / Live to Play Sports

A fun trail for all, Super Bear offers a fast, flowy experience. Work this year stayed on top of clearing drains, clearing downed trees, and freshening up some of the jumps and berms.

Sunnyside Up – Vedder Mountain

Adopt a Trail Sponsor: Diverse Properties

Vedder’s signature climbing trail is built to modern sustainable trail standards which helps minimize maintenance requirements. But, increasing trail traffic, and the impacts of the wet climate we live in, mean that all trails need care to keep them in the best possible shape. Ongoing work keeps the drains clear, foliage trimmed back, and dirt topped up. Trail crew also spent some time this fall pulling up burdock, an invasive plant species that poses risks to some birds and bats that may get ensnared with prickly burs that were the inspiration for Velcro.

2021 Trail Adoption Sponsors Needed NOW!

Adopt a Trail Sponsors receive all of the same marketing benefits as a Gold Sponsor (including social media shout-outs, eNewsletter recognition, website logo feature, recognition at the AGM, FVMBA Memberships, and more…)  PLUS:

  • You can choose one trail to adopt within FVMBA communities (contact us to find out which trails are available).
  • Each trail adoption is exclusive, based on availability and  renewable annually.
  • Two signs will be posted on that trail to recognize your support.
  • Your adopted trail will receive two trail maintenance days,  organized and run by FVMBA Operations Manager.

To learn more about FVMBA Sponsorship program, and opportunities to market your business to an engaged and passionate audience of people who use the trails, please contact us: info@fvmba.com.

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