2023 Trail Crew Year in Review

Trail Crew Update – Fall 2023
December 22, 2023
FVMBA celebrates 20 years!
February 2, 2024

Ask any trail builder and they will affirm that trail work is never done… there’s always a berm to buff, a drain to clear, blackberries or stinging nettle to trim back, erosion to repair, woodwork to replace, or any number of things to repair or upgrade, plus a wish list of new creations. 2023 was again a busy one for the FVMBA Trail Crew, tackling a bunch of maintenance issues throughout all of the networks we care for in the Fraser Valley. They put in over 3750 hours of work on the trails in 2023. Here’s a look at some of the highlights…

Mandatory Caution Rebuild

To start off 2023, the crew tackled rebuilding many of the old wood stunts on Mandatory Caution at the Woodlot, plus adding a few more options for riders to get their thrills. This work was made possible with the support of grant funding from the Fox Trail Trust.

Heritage Park Upgrades

The Heritage trail network is a small tight network of singletrack and without regular attention, can quickly get overgrown in the Spring and Summer. Trimming is not the most glamorous work but crew stayed on top of it, keeping sight lines open and reducing your risk of getting snagged by an overgrown blackberry runner. Additional upgrades were made to improve water management in several locations, the last of the older bridge work was replaced, and a number of reroutes. Read more about Heritage here and stay tuned for more work in 2024!


With two Enduro races making a stop at Vedder in 2023, the FVMBA Trail Crew and dedicated volunteers Grant and Graham put many hours into getting the trails in tip-top shape. From bridge rebuilds on Blackhawk Down & Dilemma, to buffing berms on Terdferg, to last minute tree clearing & trail repair the trails were running better than ever as the race weekends approached. A big shout out to both the BC Enduro Series and Trans BC for hosting events at Vedder and showing support for the trails with donations to FVMBA that enable us to keep the trails in great shape.


Holiday Sauce saw some much needed mud mitigation at the top of the trail along with the replacement of some old woodwork.

A number of bridges on Squid Line were replaced (and more replacements are planned for 2024) along with rebenching several section of the trail where the edge was falling away. And while it may seem from all the pictures that all trail crew does is build bridges, many many drains were cleared and many many buckets of dirt thrown. We don’t always remember to take a photo or the photo doesn’t really show all of the hours that went into the mundane tasks of trail work.


Lots of other Sumas trails got a little TLC throughout the year too…



Membership alone isn’t enough to fund all the work that trail crew does, and we are grateful to have opportunities to work with the FVRD and others, which has been key in our ability to ensure we are able to employ trail crew year around. This year’s projects for the FVRD had crew mitigating erosion and mud at Elk and replacing bridges on the Chadsey Lake trail at Sumas.

2023 was a great year on the trails and we’re looking forward to all the projects in 2024, stay tuned for more updates!

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