Our Mission:

Building a culture of inclusive mountain bike communities and sustainable trail networks.

Our Vision:

Thriving trails and communities.

Who We Are:

The Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association (FVMBA) is a registered non-profit society focused on creating sustainable trail networks and developing a thriving mountain bike culture throughout the Fraser Valley.  

The FVMBA actively advocates and stewards development, maintenance and protection of local trails through interaction, engagement and the fostering of partnerships with local community, First Nations, businesses, governments, and other trail user groups.

The FVMBA aims to create a positive user experience for a full range of abilities and styles of mountain bike riders, as well as other trail users. We organize group rides and social events geared towards increasing ridership on the trails, as well as organize and host community trail days to engage trail users and communities in taking an active and collaborative role in maintaining the trail networks.

The FVMBA is a member based organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Area Representatives who commit to active representation of local trail interests and maintaining area-specific trail networks.

Our Bylaws:

FVMBA Bylaws

FVMBA Board of Directors:

The FVMBA Board of Directors are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors consists of 11 volunteer FVMBA members who represent the community and work hard to make things happen throughout the year. The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership to ensure that the organization achieves the mission of the member community.

Our 2024 Board of Directors was elected at our AGM held on March 12.


Executive Board Positions

President: Yoshia Burton – yoshia@fvmba.com
Vice-President: Lee Hughes – lee@fvmba.com
Secretary: Wes Macauley – wes@fvmba.com
Treasurer: Mark Sawatzky – mark@fvmba.com
Co-treasurer: Melanie Jones – melanie@fvmba.com

Regional Directors

Co-Director Chilliwack: Hamish Baird – hamish@fvmba.com
Co-Director Chilliwack: Meghan Jackson – meghan@fvmba.com
Director Abbotsford: Adam Sippel – adam@fvmba.com
Director Mission:  Amberin Bonnett – amberin@fvmba.com
Director Maple Ridge: Lee Hughes – lee@fvmba.com
Director at Large: Stephanie Larbalestier – stephanie@fvmba.com
Director at Large:  Ashley Reid – ashley@fvmba.com

Specialty Directors

Director of Technology:  Wes Macaulay – wes@fvmba.com

Trail Representatives

Trail Rep Abbotsford:
Chris Friesen – chris@fvmba.com

Trail Rep Chilliwack:
Graham Macaulay – graham@fvmba.com

Trail Rep Mission:
Rocky Blondin – rockyb@fvmba.com

Trail Reps Maple Ridge:
Woodlot – Ryan D’Onofrio – dono9774@telus.net
Thornhill – Ryan McIsaac – rdmcisaac@gmail.com

Trail Rep Hope:
Nick Tyler – nick@fvmba.com

Staff & Support

Executive Manager: Lynda Ferris – lynda@fvmba.com
Operations Manager: Penny Deck – penny@fvmba.com
Web Development, Maintenance, & Graphic Design:  HiWire Creative Group – www.hiwirecreative.ca

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