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Trail Crew Update – August 2021
August 23, 2021
Best reasons to come to a trail day
August 31, 2021

At the Woodlot, all that is Gold, sends, it’s a new golden age. We are stoked to announce the re-opening of Gold. Many thanks to Andrew and the hard working crew that have spent countless volunteer hours over the past year to re-imagine this classic trail. Andrew, Bryan, Kevin, Ben, Emmett, Avery, Jared, Spencer, Tyson, Eddie, and Hugh all volunteered their time to breath new life into Gold, thank you!

Building and maintaining trails takes a lot of time and effort and the FVMBA is grateful for the volunteer crew who took on the big project of resurrecting Gold. It’s a modern take that pays homage to the original trail with optional skinnies and drops and jumps.

Click on a photo to see a larger version.





Recreation Site and Trails, the land manager for trail on crown land, does not authorize whole trails as double black diamond and the trail rating for Gold is black. However, many of the features are rated double black. All are optional and if it’s your first time checking out the trail, we recommend taking a closer look before you send it. Several are drops or gap jumps requiring air. There are alternate routes for each double black feature.

Get a taste of the trail, thanks to Hugh for the video & stoke!

The original trail was built circa 2000 in the heyday of skinnies and featured many wood stunts. One stunt near the start of the trail, nicknamed the “Swiss Army Knife”, had a ladder bridge that spiraled up before branching into multiple options. The end of the trail featured a gnarly rock roll. Unfortunately the exit of the trail was logged in 2011 and with much the original wood work rotten and unsafe, the trail was mostly neglected.

Take a trip back to 2000, thanks to Mario, who preserved some photos of Jay Hoots riding the trail when all the cedar was fresh!

Unfortunately teeters totters of this style are no longer permitted by the land manager.





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