Trail Volunteers shout out – August, 2020

Two trail workers shaping a berm on a forested trail
Summer Trail Crew Wrap Up
August 28, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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Trail Volunteers shout out – August, 2020

Framing up a stunt for the new exit to Hoots with Ryan D.

There’s good things happening all over the Fraser Valley and we are grateful to all of the volunteers who keep the trails running so well. The mix of sun and rain this summer has kept volunteers busy trimming back the brambles and nettles but it hasn’t been all maintenance.

In the Chilliwack Community Forest, Kerry, Graham, and other dedicated volunteers recently completed work on a new trail, Swoop. This short technical downhill trail “swoops” back and forth across a gully and is sure to have you grinning at the end. Access the trail just next to Three Bears. Many thanks to everyone else who helped bring this trail to life and to the City of Chilliwack for their support of the trails for the community.


Elsewhere throughout the valley, there’s lots more good work going on. Thank you to Ali and Hamish for leading trail days at Vedder and the fresh dirt on Allan’s trail and a new feature on Mexican Ninja. More trail days coming in the Fall!

Legends Gary and Kerry gave lower Emma Peel a refresh. Elsewhere at Sumas, work continues on a rebuild of an old trail, patience though as it’s not yet ready to ride. Thank you to Chris, Bobby, and others for your work to bring it back to life. Roy and others have been busy keeping Ledgeview trimmed and clear.

Out at the Woodlot in Maple Ridge, Ryan D, Eugene, and others are adding a little more zest to the exit of Hoots. While the new section through the clear cut can now be ridden, there’s still work to do and riders should exercise caution – watch for trail changes and new features coming soon.

Framing up a stunt for the new exit to Hoots (Photo: Ryan D)


This is not an exhaustive list and we know there are many others helping out, thank you to each and every one of you!

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