Ballina Contracting

Adopted Trail: Allan’s Trail | Vedder Mountain, Chilliwack

Ballina Contracting is a purveyor of excellence in the field of landscaping, civil contracting, and traffic management, while maintaining a sustainable community minded approach. Noted as a local contractor with the resources of a large company, Ballina Contracting not only delivers projects of varying sizes and scope, but operates within an industry leading safety program. This business prowess in the industry sets them apart as one of excellence in their field. Alongside this operational reputation of excellence, Ballina Contracting has dedicated themselves to be contributing members of their local community supporting such efforts as maintaining local trails and creek restoration projects. The funds donated to support FVMBA and sponsor a local trail enable a trail crews to maintain the trail. This in turn directly supports the community by enabling mountain biking and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the trail fully.

Part of Ballina Contracting’s purposeful mission is to provide staff with a working environment that achieves a healthy work-life balance and to support the community at large. Whether it’s partnering with community groups, supporting local initiatives, or encouraging employees to be involved in their communities, their goal is to build strong and vibrant communities where they live and work. Giving back to the communities where they operate is part of our everyday culture and the Emil Anderson Group has been doing it for 80 years. “It’s all part of being an employer of choice, a good neighbour and a trusted community partner,” says James Hayes, Vice President.

Being a part of the community is what drives Ballina Contracting’s history of sponsoring community focused projects. Having recently participated in the Atchelitz Creek Restoration project, they have now teamed up with FVMBA as a sponsor and adopted Allan’s Train on Vedder Mountain. The idea was spearheaded by Ballina Contracting employee, Hamish Baird, who is a Regional Co-Director, Chilliwack. Creating a positive work-life balance for employees and giving back to the community is part of the heartbeat of Ballina Contracting, “Ballina Contracting and the Emil Anderson Group have a growing population of employees who are active mountain bike riders. Investing in the local trail network is a great way to give back to our local community,” says Hayes.

Building strong community relationships inside and outside the office continue, thanks to Ballina Contracting’s sponsorships of local trails through FVMBA. As noted by Ballina Contracting, “We want to be a part of the community.” Indeed, they have achieved just that. Thanks to them, Allan’s Trail on Vedder Mountain, can continue to be enjoyed by their active staff members and the community in which they serve.