Dilemma Updates

Heritage Mountain Trail Work
February 4, 2022
Annual General Meeting Recap – March 5, 2022
March 6, 2022

There’s a new project underway at the top of Dilemma! A fun new iconic feature is replacing the drop in off the road.

The main component is an overpass above Sunnyside Up. This will separate downhill traffic from uphill traffic, and you’ll no longer need to worry that you may be dropping in on someone on Sunnyside as you head down Dilemma. The goal is a signature feature that not only increases trail safety but is fun to ride and perhaps provides some good photo ops.

We’re also constructing rest areas where folks can gather. There will be space off the road adjacent to the Dilemma entrance aligned with the new feature, and space off Sunnyside Up where you can wait for your friends to catch up.

A new connector from the trail junction to the road has been put in and once the other components of the project are complete, the other access points to and from the road will be closed.

Work is ongoing but all trails remain open while the work is in progress. This project is funded by proceeds from the Vedder Mountain Classic and a grant from the Chilliwack Foundation.

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