Diverse Properties

Adopted Trail: Sunnyside Up | Vedder Mountain, Chilliwack

Since 2009, Diverse Properties is dedicated to improving the way homeowners live and achieves this mission in ways benefiting their employees, their investors, and their communities.

Established from humble beginnings by passionate developers and home builders, Diverse now boasts four integrated divisions focusing on capital, development, construction, and property management. While the company’s growth has been dynamic, Diverse remains deeply committed to their core values. They act with integrity – cultivating trust through honest relationships, responsible actions, and good faith. They are adaptable and succeed together, working as a team to create great communities while still finding moments to laugh with the people they work with.

Cycling fits well into this central value system.

“We believe strongly in a healthy life-work balance,” says James Funk, Partner, Diverse Properties. “A part of that balance is remaining physically active, and we support all forms of activity, but cycling has captured a special place in the heart of the Diverse management team. We have participated in several gran fondos and invited our investors and employees to join in as well. We are very proud of our custom-made Diverse cycling kit and I’m sure you’ll see our managing partners wearing it at FVMBA events.”

The firm’s cyclists are regular riders of Vedder and Sumas and say the areas offer the perfect variety of trails for outdoor adventure – whether that adventure looks like a leisurely family ride, or the intense pursuit of a personal record. The Diverse team values how the trails provide a great environment where special memories are made.

“We appreciate that the FVMBA cares about our biking community and the maintenance of the trails,” adds James. “We feel honoured to be able to support the good work that the FVMBA does!”

In the Fraser Valley we are very fortunate to have access to hundreds of km’s of gravel roads and it is an incredible opportunity for Diverse to encourage individuals to ride and come alongside these organizations to support the life-changing impact for local and global communities.

The FVMBA is grateful that since 2019, Diverse Properties has adopted Sunnyside on Vedder mountain and regularly leads trail days where employees help clean bridges and assist the FVMBA with seasonal maintenance which helps maintain the safety and structure of the trail and keeps it in great shape for year-round enjoyment.

Not only is Diverse Properties a Platinum Sponsor of the FVMBA, the company has several community partnerships with organizations that encourage physical activity as a catalyst for positive change locally and globally.

Every year Diverse commits to working with Run for Water as the title sponsor of their Ride4Water event. This partnership helps create gravel cycling events while raising funds for rural communities in Ethiopia. Gravel riding – a relatively new form of cycling – opens up routes in the Fraser Valley to a variety of participants and focuses on the beauty and adventure of long-distance riding over mixed surfaces and terrain without the requirement of technical mountain biking skills.

Diverse is excited to be the title sponsor of Fraser Valley’s newest cycling club, Groupo. Serving Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Fraser Valley East, this organization was initiated by a group of local riders who are passionate about bringing people together for collective riding. Groupo seeks to build connections with riders of all levels, creating group rides 3-4 days a week on a variety of different terrain. Diverse staff members are actively a part of these rides and appreciate the fun and active opportunity to meet new people in our community.

Location and lifestyle go hand-in-hand across all Diverse Properties projects, and you can see these intertwined qualities in the bustling retail hub at Garrison Village; the colourful, meandering residential streets at Iron Horse; the university neighbourhood at Cinema District; and in the idyllic lakefront retreat at Tobiano.

The FVMBA is deeply appreciative and thanks Diverse Properties for their dedication and authentic generosity demonstrated through their sponsorship of the cycling community in the Fraser Valley.