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August 31, 2021
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September 23, 2021

We’re excited to announce the official re-opening of another former trail lost to logging. Many thanks to volunteers Chris, Bobby, and Eric and friends for their hard work to restore the lower sections of Rock Diva at Sumas. The trail is rated as a black diamond and features multiple double black diamond options, including drops, and gaps, and creative wall rides.

Reminder! We recommend following the motto “Pre-Ride, Re-Ride, Free-Ride” when checking out the new addition, and also please be mindful of others riding the trail too. If you stop to check out a feature, please keep the trail clear and safe for other riders.

The FVMBA supports volunteer trail builders by providing tools and materials but most importantly, working to get permissions for trail maintenance, restoration, and the construction of new trails. All work was completed with the necessary authorizations. As a previously existing and authorized trail, permissions to restore Rock Diva were a little bit easier than obtaining permission to build a new trail from scratch. However, all of the double black diamond features on a trail also require review and approval from our local recreation officer.

You can check follow along with all the trail work and check out all the features  on Eric’s YouTube.


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