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October 31, 2019
Happy New Year! 2019 Year In Review Series – Part 1 – Message from the President
January 3, 2020

In 2019, we had 800 FVMBA Members. Let’s Reach 1,500 Members in 2020! BUY NOW: CLICK HERE

Trailforks tells us that we have ~1,300 unique riders in the Fraser Valley. However, we have done trail studies that show us Trailforks ridership numbers typically represent 6-12% of the total riding public. So that 1,300 extrapolates to between 9,500 to 18,000 riders!

We also know that thousands of other trail users will visit our trails at some time throughout the year.

We invite ALL trail users to consider this: would you use a local pool, ice rink, or other recreational facility without paying a fee? No. You pay fees that in turn pay for the maintenance of those facilities. Please consider the trails as outdoor recreation facilities that require resources in order to be maintained. Your Membership Fees pay for the maintenance of our trail systems. They also pay for building new features, and expanding the existing trail networks.  

Buying your Membership early in 2020 will enable us to budget and plan out the projects we can accomplish throughout the year.


The more Members we have, the stronger voice we have to advocate for trails in the Fraser Valley. When the FVMBA presents new plans to land managers and stakeholders, our Membership number helps us show the NEED and the DESIRE for new trails in the Fraser Valley. Our Membership number shows DEMAND for trails in the Fraser Valley.

Finally, Members get deals. Show your FVMBA Membership card to receive benefits and offers (note: Membership Cards will be mailed out monthly. To receive your offer before that, simply print and show your receipt for purchasing your membership).

  • OZMOSIS Training – FVMBA members get $25 off the FVMBA Skills Clinics (regularly priced $75/clinic). These are premium level coaching clinics for various levels
  • Vedder Mountain Classic – FVMBA members receive 10% off their race entry
  • FVMBA Social Rides (View Calander) – FVMBA members can participate in the FVMBA social ride series and after parties
  • Life Cycles Bike Shop  – FVMBA members receive 10% off all parts and accessories*
  • Cranky’s Bike Shop  – FVMBA members receive 10% off all parts and accessories*
  • Abby Bike Shop – FVMBA members receive 10% off all parts and accessories*
  • Hiwire Creative Group – Proudly supports the FVMBA and provides FVMBA Corporate Members a special price to build online Corporate Member advertisements. All FVMBA web and print designs are provided by Hiwire Creative Group
  • Bike Insurance, Pedal Power through Oasis Insurance: All FVMBA Members are authorized to receive the IMBA Group Membership Discount on pedal bike insurance (with options for competition events as well). This new innovative insurance gives members a means to insure stand alone biking. For a free estimate go to Read some of their FAQs: To obtain more information, contact
  • Raise Money while Drinking Great Beer at the Mission Springs! The Mission Springs Brewing Company will support the FVMBA by donating a percentage of all sales of MSBC Trailblazer Pilsner at the Mission Springs Restaurant & Pub. Click to view website.

*excludes already discounted items

NOTE: If you are interested in offering exclusive discounts and offers to FVMBA members, please contact, for more information


Cost for Memberships:
Individual – $40
Family of 4 – $70
Corporate (includes 4 staff and online advertising) – $300

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