Have you ever wondered, how can I help at Thornhill?

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Have you ever wondered, how can I help at Thornhill?

Written by: Lee Hughes,
Maple Ridge Director, FVMBA

I always get asked, “how can I help at Thornhill?”

Let me present some stats: According to Trailforks, in 2019 there were 1,953 individuals who registered rides on Thornhill; in 2020 that number went up to 3,395. This year, there are already 1,975 rides registered (and the year is only half-way over). That’s a lot of people riding our little trail network. Also, factor in that not everyone tracks their rides on Trailforks or Strava (I think Trailforks estimates less than 15% of people track their rides).

There are plenty of stats I could quote. But in short, we don’t need everyone up on the hill with shovels. There are already dedicated people who devote lots of time to maintaining these trails and they are in incredible shape right now. Where we need the help is your voice.

We need your voice!

If people could email the city of Maple Ridge, Mayor and Council at mayorandcouncil@mapleridge.ca, or email city staff and let them know how much you love these trails. Let them know what trails you ride or let them know how the trails have impacted your life over this last year. Let them know you don’t want to see these trails disappear.

Sign-up for an FVMBA membership!

Get yourself an FVMBA membership and help us show Mayor and Council and city staff how many active members ride the area. The more members we have, the stronger voice we have.

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  1. Dave Smith says:

    Please respect traditional equestrian trail users (many who helped build the Registered Maple Ridge Trails Network), please stay on Mtn Bike Trails, stay healthy, enjoy and love sharing our outdoors. Thank you for your support and respect. Happy Trails.

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