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2017 Year in Review!
December 21, 2017
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January 16, 2018

As we work through the challenges posed by the fallout from this winter’s icestorm in Heritage Park in Mission, it is yet another good reminder of why the FVMBA exists and what it does.

Through 2017’s strategic planning exercises, the club’s Executive was asked “give three words that describe the FVMBA as if it were a person.”  That question is an interesting one to ponder in general, but what was really interesting was how unified the response was from the team.  Words like “generous”, “supportive” and “inclusive” were the common ones from the group among other positive messages.  This weekend in Mission, those characteristics were on display – not in the FVMBA, but in the volunteers that came out to do the hard work in less than desirable weather and on a project that can feel very overwhelming at times.

The FVMBA is simply the umbrella for amazing volunteers giving back to their communities in the way(s) that they love to. This past weekend’s trail recovery session is getting a lot of attention and we’re grateful for the exposure, but it is all because of the 50 or so great people, led by some of the finest trailbuilders around from the #northside and from far beyond (thanks to those that came from afar as well!) to cut and clear over half the trails as well as the walking paths in the park.  The volunteers were generous with their Sunday morning, the FVMBA was supportive with tools, gas, oil and lunch, and they combined to be inclusive – hikers, dog walkers, and mountain bikers of all ages, and a group from Team Rubicon all worked together to continue reopening this park that is loved by so many.  Parkside Church also gets a shout-out for housing our wet team for lunch.

For those that missed it – CBC brought a camera crew out and filmed the group in action.  Check out at around 7:00 into this broadcast.

We have also been the recipients of some very kind words from the people of Mission that appreciate the work.  The work is not done yet and I can speak for myself when I say, I tend to have a lot of fun getting my chainsaw therapy in such large doses!  We’re happy to help.  I’m extremely proud to be part of the charitable communities that are Mission and Mountain Bikers et al.

This kind of work goes on in every community we serve – from Maple Ridge to Chilliwack and all points in between, year-round.  Your membership and support enables the FVMBA to be the persona we aim it to be and we’re working hard to continue this for years to come.

Rocky B.

Director – Northside (Mission and Maple Ridge)

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