Hey, there’s a tree down on the trail!

2022 Trail Crew Year in Review
December 22, 2022
January 18, 2023

It’s that time of year when wind and rain and snow can bring down trees and otherwise do some damage to the trails. And we could use your help! How you ask? There are 3 easy ways to contribute.



1. Report Issues on Trailforks

See a tree down while out on the trail? Snap a quick pic on your phone & estimate the diameter. Open up your Trailforks app & tap the yellow and white “play” icon and select “Write Report”. Fill in all of the information, including:

  • a description of the location on the trail &
  • an estimate of the tree diameter

Knowing an approximate diameter is key for builders to decide if they need a chainsaw or a handsaw.

Upload your pic and hit submit. Ideally you do this on the trail at the site of the deadfall & Trailforks will automatically save the location. Builders really appreciate this so we know the best way to access the trail.

You do need to have a Trailforks account to submit a report, but you do not need to be a paid subscriber. Learn more about Trailforks here.



2. Clear the Trail

Wind often brings down smaller branches and leaves, and clearing these off the trail is important too. This small debris can block drains causing water to run down the trail and accelerate erosion. And they can also get caught in spokes and derailleurs. We can all help out by clearing the branches out of the way. A small handsaw is great for helping with this too.


3. Dig out Drains & Ditches

Drains and ditches inevitably fill up over time. Keeping them clear helps keep the water off the trail and reduces erosion. The next really rainy day, grab a friend and a shovel and head to your favourite local trail and help drain the rain.


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