New! Hiker & Runner FVMBA Membership

FVMBA celebrates 20 years!
February 2, 2024
February 6, 2024

No matter if you set out on the trails by foot or by bike, we all share a love of the local forests and mountains and the trails that wind through them. This new membership category recognizes the common ground between mountain bikers, runners, and hikers.

The Hiker / Runner membership is priced the same as a regular individual membership and comes with all the same member benefits. This new membership category will help us better understand and support all trail users on the networks that we maintain and enables the hiking and running community to support the work that FVMBA does on the trails too.

Join the FVMBA with a Hiker / Runner Membership


These are just a few of the benefits being a member provides:

* a voice on what happens to the trails through local area meetings
* voting rights at our Annual General Meeting held in February
* an active investment in developing the sustainability of our trail networks
* participation in social events and rides, trail days and other volunteer opportunities
* offers and discounts through local member supporter businesses
* insurance for all club hosted events, trail days and volunteering

Learn more about membership, where your money goes, and the different member options here.



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