Irwin Dental

Adopted Trail: Terdferg | Vedder Mountain, Chilliwack

Big smiles for Irwin Dental are a professional mission but not just for reasons you might be thinking about. In terms of his dental practice, Dr. Andrew J. Irwin D.M.D. says, “We love to see you smile. Dentistry is really hard for a lot of people, but if we can make your day better in some way that’s our goal. I hope you can leave the office, better, healthier, in less pain than when you came.” Without question Dr. Irwin cares for the health and happiness of his patients. Part of his professional mission is to give you a healthy and happy smile but what is his other reason you ask? Dr. Irwin wants you smiling both inside and outside the dental office. What better place to do just that than to get out and enjoy the beauty and fun found in our natural environments. With this idea in mind, Irwin Dental teamed up with the, GVMBA to sponsor a local trail, Skidder/Terdferg, on Vedder Mountain.

Thanks to Irwin Dental, bikers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds get to enjoy this beautiful trail. The donations provided enable trail crews to keep the trail in optimal form for the entire community to enjoy. This trial provides great opportunities for families to come together and share joyful moments. This is all part of what makes Irwin Dental your local dental practice that cares for the families that make up their community, “We love families!” (Dr. Irwin). From their family to yours, Irwin Dental wants to provide the most welcoming environment, “From the time you enter and Meet Carla, Angela, and Nicole, you should start to feel like part of the family.” And you might just meet the team on the trail as well. Dr. Irwin and the staff of Irwin Dental appreciate our local trails and regularly use the trail themselves and with their families, “Hiking and biking myself, my family, and most of my staff and their spouses.  A lot of people think that they don’t benefit from these associations and shouldn’t have to pay to support them, but if you hike, bike, or do anything else on one of these mountains you benefit from the, FVMBA, and other associations.”

Whether in the dental chair or on the trails Irwin dental wants to meet you there and see you smile. They are on a mission to build strong communities one tooth and trail at the time. So, join them in enjoying the great outdoors. There is only one prerequisite, bring your best smile along.