July Trail Crew Update

Sunlight shining through the moss covered branches of a cedar tree
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June 5, 2020
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July 16, 2020
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July Trail Crew Update

It’s been a busy month for our inaugural trail crew. After two weeks of maintenance work on Red Mountain, we headed to Sumas.

Multiple Trailforks reports of Squid Line detailed the many puddles and drainage issues on the trail so we set out to restore the trail to its original glory. We lost track of all the puddles we cleared and the drains reopened but collectively we spent over 300 hours of work over three weeks digging out mud, clearing drains, and putting in a few minor reroutes. With the forecast for the next week including more sunshine, conditions should be now be mint.

Owen from the FVMBA Trail Crew packing dirt on a berm with a shovel.

The art of reshaping berms with Owen

A dirt trail like a brown ribbon in a lush green forest with moss and ferns lining the side

Rerouted…can you spot the old line?

July brings us back to Bear Mountain, where we started off working on Pioneer Connector. Again, the focus was on water management, clearing ditches, adding drains, and repairing the trail surface. Pioneer Connector will be closed along with Bearea 51, Corral Loop, Cranks, Wambo Jambo, and Moon Rock for the rest of July as the District of Mission is conducting helicopter logging operations in the area.

Look for the crew to be working on Merv’s, Super Bear, and elsewhere over the next few weeks.

Siobhan of the FVMBA trail crew using a hammer and axe to split a cedar log into rungs to use for a bridge

Siobhan splitting slats in the sun

Two fluffy dogs lying on a dirt trail in a lush green forest.

Canine supervisors

A trail in the forest with a big mud puddle

Before… one of the many many mud puddles on Squid Line.

The same section of trail after the water and mud was drained.

After… no more mud

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