July Trail Volunteer Shout Out

Siobhan of the FVMBA trail crew using a hammer and axe to split a cedar log into rungs to use for a bridge
July Trail Crew Update
July 5, 2020
Two stacked overlapping layers of rocks form a small retaining wall that riases the height of the trail.
August Trail Crew Update
August 4, 2020

We are very grateful for all of the volunteers looking after the trails throughout the Fraser Valley in each trail network. From trimming back the brambles and nettles, clearing drains, cutting out dead fall, to reshaping berms and all of the other work you do, cheers! Your hard work to keep the trails fun and safe does not go unnoticed, thank you for your time and sweat.

Here’s just a small sample of some of the recent work on the trails thanks to the dedicated builders of the Fraser Valley… (this highlight list is not exhaustive and we know there are many others helping out, thank you to each and every one of you!)

Ryan D, Eugene, and others have been working hard to complete a reroute at the end of Hoots in the Woodlot. While the original line was lost to logging, the rerouted exit adds extra fun with new features including some woodwork and a new rock line. Please respect the trail closure while work is still in progress. Many thanks to Gordon for the essential repairs plus a new rock roll on Tsuga. There’s also fresh and refreshed lines on Snakes and Ladders, credit to Dean. Lee, Jeff Z, and others have been busy brushing so you don’t have any unexpected bear encounters. And shout out to Jeff C for the fresh dirt and repairs on Platinum.

At Red Mountain, Rocky resurrected a relic (you can almost smell that fresh cedar) while Dan and family have been busy trimming the lower trails. Bear has seen an incredible amount of love thanks to Eugene, Ryan K, Mike, Ed, and the rest of the B Team, a small group of dedicated volunteers out every Tuesday evening. From clearing drains and brushing back the ferns and brambles, patching up holes, and much much more, this crew is the reason trails on Bear are running so mint right now despite the rains we’ve had this Spring and Summer.

Over on Sumas, the FVMBA hosted it’s first Midweek Maintenance session on Emma Peel with a focus on muddle mitigation and also cleared a downed tree, thanks Mark and Sean! They were back again this week working on No Time Out, Time Killer, and World Cup. Elsewhere on Sumas, Chris, Bobby, Eric, and others are working hard to restore an old line. And a big thank you to the many volunteers who have been working tirelessly to keep Ledgeview buffed and brushed!

Ali and Hamish hosted the second FVMBA trail day of the summer giving some much needed work to R.E.F.R. at Vedder. Thanks to Gareth for the freshly shaped berms and cleared culverts on 2 cents. Femur saw a top to bottom sweep of all the drains plus patching up holes courtesy of the Chilliwack Park Society youth trail crew. This young motivated crew is also busy over at the Chilliwack Community Forest, brushing and buffing Slug and other trails under the guidance of Graham H. A major reroute is coming soon to Fireline thanks to the hard work of Dawson and stayed tuned for a new line in the Community Forest thanks to the hard work of Kerry.

A huge thank you to everyone volunteering their time to give back to the trails and to our community.



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