FVMBA partnering to deliver kids mountain bike programs in Mission

Benefits of Mountain Biking
April 15, 2016
Attention Abbotsford and Mission trail users; Very Important Message
June 27, 2017
Benefits of Mountain Biking
April 15, 2016
Attention Abbotsford and Mission trail users; Very Important Message
June 27, 2017
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FVMBA partnering to deliver kids mountain bike programs in Mission

The Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association (FVMBA) is a non-profit organization serving the Fraser Valley to provide advocacy for: 1) mountain biking as a sport; and 2) the trails the sport needs in order to exist.

Our core goals are:

  1. To run an association of members who work to improve access to designated areas, for the safe development and construction of various levels of mountain biking trails in approved areas
  2. To pledge stewardship of existing trail systems and future developed systems as determined by the membership
  3. To create a program, where experienced riders and builders mentor riders to provide suggestions and pointers for safe trail development and safe riding
  4. Responsible trail building—adoption of International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) guidelines

In working towards the third goal of mentoring young riders and builders, FVMBA is developing options to get more youth on bikes and building trails. The community of Mission has a long history of mountain biking and hosting youth programs. Among others, teachers from the Mission Public School District have offered “bike club” programs in which they take kids from select schools on after-school group rides. Volunteers from Fraser House have also worked in schools to offer similar programs where kids can get out and go for rides with experienced riders who can teach them the basics.

The FVMBA initiated a series of programs with the District of Mission Parks and Recreation department several years ago. See the Spring Mission Leisure guide for program dates and times.
These programs include:

  1. Two Tired Tots
  2. Trail Riders
  3. Bike Maintenance

In 2017, the FVMBA is partnering with several organizations in Mission to create more opportunities for kids of all ages to get out riding, including:

  1. We are the grateful recipients of a grant from the District of Mission for what was listed as the “Youth Program”.
    • This grant is used to acquire bikes, helmets and other safety gear to allow young kids who don’t have bikes (or the right bikes) to try mountain biking. Purchases are an addition to the fleet of bikes that Mission Parks and Recreation department has from a previous donation which were for bigger kids and adults (ages 14+).
  2. We are partnering with Fraser House to acquire a trailer for the kids’ bikes to enable bike ride leaders to take the bikes on the road to riding areas we can’t normally get to.
    • Most programs are run out of the Mission Leisure Centre and from the various schools where they are offered; and, these programs typically ride to Heritage Park because it is the only riding area accessible without driving. The trailer will enable volunteers to go anywhere in Mission (including Bear and Red Mountains) as well as the potential for trips to bike skills parks in other communities (because Mission does not have a beginner bike skills park…yet).
  3. We are in the planning stages of organizing weekly group rides for beginners and intermediate riders.
    • These will be targeted towards kids, but we encourage anyone who would like to try mountain biking to come borrow a bike and try it; including parents, grandparents, dogs – anyone else.
    • This is in the planning stages. We are looking for volunteer ride leaders and coordinators. If you are interested in helping, please contact us at info@fvmba.com. Even if you don’t ride, you can help. We need all the help we can get to enable a program like this to get off the ground.

These new efforts are in combination with the programs mentioned above: 1) the existing school programs, 2) the programs offered by Fraser House, and 3) the programs found in the Mission Leisure guide.

Our goal for 2017 (and beyond) is to plant seeds for the next generation of mountain bike enthusiasts and champions to follow successful Canadian Mountain Bike Athletes like Catherine Pendrel and Emily Batty (3rd and 4th at the 2016 Rio Olympics), and Mission’s own Jeremy Stowards (team rider for Knolly bikes); as well as build on the grass-roots community of amazing outdoor recreation enthusiasts in Mission who use and love the trails in the forest we call our home.

For more information, please email info@fvmba.com   |  Live to Ride  |  #bikesdontridethemselves

For media enquiries, contact:
Rocky Blondin
FVMBA – Mission Area Rep


  1. blogman says:

    Mountain Bike Oregon is one of the oldest bike festivals in the West Coast. It’s brought first time and repeat visitors to the logging town of Oakridge, provided jobs and improved trails throughout the region. I have no pictures of Tasmania so here is a shot from Penticton BC. I’d imagine Tasmania looks like this and not, please call me out or better yet, invite me for a visit!

  2. Candace moore says:

    Will you be offering the trail riders program throughout the summer? Or something similar?

    • Rocky Blondin says:

      Better late than never – sorry for the delayed reply: We finally launched the Sprockids program in Mission this fall and it sold out! We have plans to run group rides in the spring and another Sprockids next fall. We’re also looking to get more leaders with the required training to run programs across the Fraser Valley. If you are interested, email sprockids at fvmba.com and we’ll fill you in.

  3. JB says:

    It’s a nice program for kids, as a parent I want them to engage in sports and one of their favourites is MTB together with me during a weekend.

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