Adopted Trail: New Mexico | Vedder Mountain, Chilliwack

We have heard it touted that one should think big. And if you are thinking big in the construction field, Lafarge is among the biggest you can get. The sheer size and impact of Lafarge in Canada is immense. Lafarge has 6,000 employees and 400 sites across Canada. They are the number one provider of sustainable cement, aggregates, ready-mix and precast concrete, paving and construction, and asphalt.

In spite of their size, Lafarge knows it’s just as important to think small. Being the largest provider of sustainable construction materials in Canada hasn’t precluded Lafarge from thinking small. Small community projects that benefit local communities are part of Lafarge’s DNA. They understand that strong communities make for a strong country. As partners with the FVMBA, Lafarge stepped up to adopt the New Mexico Trail on Vedder Mountain.

Relatively small local projects like this one do have big impacts. Lafarge understands that preserving the beauty of our natural environment enables community members to enjoy the great outdoors in spaces that are well kept and maintained. In turn, communities become stronger, overall, more fit, and healthy. Lafarge’s generous donations of both time and sustainable materials are part of a long term goal: to build strong and healthy local communities, one trail at a time. Thanks to the generous support of Lafarge, New Mexico is well kept by trail crews. Bikers, hikers, trail runners and walkers are all thankful for Lafarge’s contribution to keep this trail open and in optimal form for outdoor enthusiasts in our community.

Noted by trail users, New Mexico trail is flowy, easy, and most importantly fun ( With a blue difficulty rating, single track trail type, DH, AM, XC bike type suitability, primarily downhill direction, easy physical rating, and a dog’s allowed policy, this trail is great for beginners. Whether you’re just getting started, or you have years of experience, it is suitable for all who want to enjoy the great outdoors. Thanks to Lafarge for their generous donations, and for being a big company with a big heart.

“Lafarge and its employees are proud supporters and users of the trails maintained by FVMBA. At Lafarge, we strive to be industry leaders in every aspect. Supporting local sustainable initiatives – including fitness – is very important to our stakeholders. Physical and mental health are critical for all of our community members. This network of trails provides the opportunity to exercise both in a family friendly outdoor space,” says Mark-André Grenier, Area Manager, Fraser Valley Ready Mix.