Ledgeview and McKee Peak trails need your help today

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April 25, 2022
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October 5, 2022
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Ledgeview and McKee Peak trails need your help today

The extensive and super-popular trail network at Ledgeview – or more accurately, on McKee Peak – will be developed in the near future. This means trails will be lost and to help shape the future of the region, you will need to give your input now.


The City of Abbotsford has currently reached phase 3 (of 4) of the planning process for the development of McKee Peak that will bring 20-30,000 more residents to this forested oasis.

If you have ridden it, you know this is one of the most extensive trail networks in the Fraser Valley and one of the most highly travelled – Trail Forks data indicates an estimated 55,000 people use this network annually.

The FVMBA and other trail user groups (Abbotsford Trail Runners Club and Abbotsford Trail Development Society) are very willing to work with the City and developers on solutions that preserve existing singletrack or create space for new singletrack. This is a local gem that requires our stewardship or it will be gone forever. Please speak up now.

How to help safe singletrack: 

As we have been telling you on our social channels, the City has provision for a two-week window for community input during this phase – this ends on Monday, May 30, 2022.

Give your input to the plan now:

  1. Look at the draft McKee Peak plan.
  2. Click on the link here (sign in or register if you have not).
  3. Fill out the survey – it’s 3 questions including why the singletrack should be preserved. It will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Here is what the FVMBA would like to see the City do:

  • Preserve existing singletrack or create new singletrack to offset the lost community assets on McKee Peak. New trails should offer displaced trail users comparable and easily accessible outdoor recreation opportunities in natural greenspace.
  • Establish a Trail Advisory Committee with key stakeholders from trail user groups who are consulted and at the table as the plan evolves. Chilliwack and other progressive cities already have this model.

It is likely the final plans for McKee peak will be set in motion this summer at a City council meeting. There may well only be one more opportunity to protect our trails and it likely it will be at this council meeting. We will keep you posted on this, in the meantime, please respectfully tell the City what you want to see by taking the steps described above.

While we can likely all agree that we would love Ledgeview trails to stay the way they are for our children and theirs, that is, unfortunately, not a realistic goal. This is private land and we have to understand that development is going to happen. We need to collaborate with developers and the City in a way that results in us retaining as much of our beloved network as possible. This will have a massive impact on the future of trails in Abbotsford and the long-term livability of our community. This is a local gem that requires our stewardship or it will be gone forever.


Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association


  1. Colleen Storey says:

    Please please preserve our backyard playground. We have lost so much green space to urban development and I believe strongly our community needs natural beautiful space for not only physical health but mental and spiritual as well. I have hiked these trails for many years in all kinds of weather and enjoyed every moment. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this area is to our community

  2. Ed Wedel says:

    I especially love the Watcom cliffs and the trails above and below them. An absolute treasure. Keep any development at least 300M away from the top of the cliffs.

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