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Summer 2022 Trail Crew Job Posting
March 24, 2022
Many hands made for light, fun work on Mission Dirt Pump Track
March 31, 2022

If you know “the Duck” then you know the trails that make up the Duck Farm Loop – a classic on the west side of Vedder Mountain. As the local saying goes, to know the Duck is to love the Duck, but as the trail ages, some of its older features need a little love to make them last.

Over the winter, long-time builder and valley riding fixture, Steve Uruski (better known as UUUU), tackled a fairly major project. In the middle of the Duck a section of boardwalk near a creek and along a high bank had succumbed to the dreaded green slime and was buckling in places. It was unsafe and in danger of sliding into the nearby creek. It had to be rebuilt – and in true Uruski style, it had to be built better than before and be built to last. The site was a long way in, meaning a lot of material had to be hauled by hand up the mountain. Gritty work.

The project involved an amazing amount of effort in tough winter conditions. From cutting slats in the snow, to sawing stringers, setting sleepers, anchoring ramps, and preserving banks, it was a tricky project. All told, it took Steve and his faithful band of volunteers 126 person hours to complete the replacement.

Thanks U! For all U do to make the Duck and Vedder better (and safer) place to ride.

(Photos: Larry Joy)

The man, the myth, the legend cutting slats for the deck.

The problem. A deteriorating boardwalk and bank erosion. Unsafe and getting worse.

Much of the material was hand crafted and then hauled into place.

Much of the material was hand crafted and then hauled into place.

Trimming the stringers.

The bank had to be stabilized.

The work could not have been completed without the FVMBA’s amazing volunteer community. Including a weary Brent Pinckney.

Brent Pinckney

Rock solid foundation work.

A man and his boardwalk.

The (nearly) finished project.

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