Mainland Construction Materials

Adopted Trail:  Noah Fear | Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford

The Mainland Construction Materials (Mainland) family has been supplying a wide range of high-quality construction products and relationship-based construction services throughout Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1970.  Mainland has helped shape our local communities through road building and material supply to residential, commercial, marine, and environmental projects. Partnering with FVMBA as an adopt-a-trail sponsor is yet another way we continue to help build community.

Mainland has an integral relationship with Sumas Mountain and the surrounding area.  Our three quarries, McLean and Jamieson Quarry located on the south side of Sumas Mountain and Cox Station Quarry on the north side, produce a combined total of approximately six million metric tonnes of aggregates per annum, making it the second largest in Canada.  The well-being, protection and sustainability of the mountain is of extreme importance to us.  Supporting and maintaining the trails for all to enjoy is a way to give back to the mountain and the community that provides for and supports our livelihood.

Many of our staff live or work on or near the mountain. A few are even avid mountain bikers that already use the trails regularly!  Partnering with FVMBA to become stewards of the trails in this area is a wonderful opportunity to get our staff and families involved beyond the day to day operations.  Working as a team and being able to help take care of the trails so others may also enjoy the mountain, is not only our responsibility, but also our extreme pleasure to do so.  We can’t wait to see you out on ‘Noah Fear’, our adopted Sumas Mountain trail.

“Mainland values the trails and every part of Sumas Mountain. We are connected because of the amount of time we spend on Sumas Mountain and what Sumas gives to us through our quarries. As all of our aggregates are derived from Sumas Mountain, it is important to us to preserve the area as best we can. In order to be able to quarry to provide aggregates for the community, we take from the mountain. Through this sponsorship, we can give something back”.