Maple Ridge Town Hall – Summary

TrailRunna Love
March 16, 2018
April 4, 2018
TrailRunna Love
March 16, 2018
April 4, 2018
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Maple Ridge Town Hall – Summary

They came, we talked, and are ready to carry on bravely!  The first Maple Ridge Town Hall meeting happened Mar 29th at Eighteen Pastures.  The discussion surrounded introducing the group to some of the recent changes @ FVMBA, our focus for 2018 – 2020 as a result of our strategic planning work, introduction to the faces of Maple Ridge’s trailbuilding scene, and then a transition into discussion on the issues surrounding the 5 riding areas in Maple Ridge.

  1. Maple Ridge Bike Skills park.
    • Park is open and kind of in limbo for maintenance and management
    • It was offered to the group that the FVMBA can be the vehicle for hosting a build day to do a tune-up on the jumps and features that need attention
    • This would need to first be coordinated with the City as it is a park
  2. Golden Ears Park
    • The riding in Golden Ears is fairly limited, but is still present
    • There are opportunities for trail work to be done on existing trails
    • BC Parks has funding opportunities available to support trail work – a plan just needs to be put together and supported by local builders
  3. Silver Valley
    • There is a limited network of trails in there that are a good beginner-friendly area
    • Not much building activity at this time, but important to acknowledge the trails exist and the potential
  4. Woodlot
    • Ryan D. (Woodlot Trail Rep) spoke about how things are pretty good at the Woodlot right now
    • Partnership agreement pending with RSTBC
    • Existing trails are in good shape with some that could see some work and adoption if anyone is interested
    • Upcoming Trail Day on Shotgun (To Be Scheduled)
  5. Thorn Hill
    • Until recently, Thorn Hill was not a riding area managed or maintained by the FVMBA
    • It has been built and cared for over the past several years by a dedicated crew of builders who have created one of the most popular riding areas in the region
    • Their contributions were acknowledged and an offer extended for the FVMBA to extend the ‘umbrella’ to cover the trails at Thorn Hill
    • The existing builder group agreed that this is a good step forward for the trails
    • With this comes the need for addressing the legal standing of the trails.  They are not sanctioned and the first step in this process is approaching the land manager.
    • The FVMBA will be forming a task force (small group of MR Locals) to start dialog with the City.  We are seeking volunteers for this effort – inquire if you are interested.
    • Discussion surrounding user group conflict management was high on the list.  The entire group expressed a desire to work in partnership with other user groups (equestrian, foot-powered and the limited motorized users) to ensure that all can enjoy the space and respect each others efforts and goals.
    • Signage was also high on the discussion list, but that conversation also starts with the City.
    • It was suggested FVMBA would benefit from raising awareness to some of the issues at Thorn Hill with an information sign at the Trail Heads.  In order to take that step, permission is needed from the land manager.

Overall, it became clear that the future of trail development and MTB in general requires a strong presence with the Municipality, much like in other regions the FVMBA covers.  The group that came to the meeting learned about how that relationship is built and the steps needed to be taken.  That will unfold in the coming months and be reported on as needed.

A great start and the future is bright for MTB in Maple Ridge.  To all riders in the region, your membership means more now than ever and will get you on the list for contact for future Town Hall meetings, and other events in your area.  Become a member here.


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