Get Your 2020 FVMBA Membership Now!

We are excited to announce that we launched a new and improved Membership System, using the Spruce Registrations Platform. This new registration system will make it quick and simple for you purchase memberships for yourself, your friends, and your family, CLICK HERE!


Cost for Memberships:
Individual – $40
Family of 4 – $70
Corporate (includes 4 staff and online advertising) – $300

Individual Members get:

  • A Membership Card and stickers in the mail
  • Special discounts and offers at local businesses
  • To participate in social events, group rides, trail days, and other volunteer opportunities
  • A vote/a voice in what happens to the trails (attend local area meetings and vote at the AGM)
  • To invest in our trails and help keep them enjoyable for all

Family Members get:

  • An Individual Membership for 4 family members

Corporate Members get:

  • An Individual Membership for 4 staff members
  • Online ad space on the FVMBA website for a year.
  • Promotion on FVMBA social media platforms and e-newsletters.
  • Corporate Member Poster(s) to display at your business or facility.

Where does the money go?

The money that is collected from members is used to support the FVMBA and its activities. A small portion of the funds go to administrative expenses (mailers, registration fees, etc.) while the rest goes back into the trail network. Your area representative can give you a more detailed breakdown about how membership dues are spent.


What does it mean to be an Active Member?

Becoming an active Member of the FVMBA means that you a play a role in building and maintaining the trails in the Fraser Valley so they are safe and enjoyable for all!


Your membership dues:

  • Provide funding towards materials, tools, and equipment for our volunteers and trail builders
  • Fund labour costs associated with building new trails
  • Voting rights for the Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting
We’re thankful for your contributions, the FVMBA runs primarily off individual and corporate donations and without these important factors the FVMBA would not exist.

For more information about becoming a Member, email

Participation in races, training rides, and FVMBA sanctioned trail events require the completion of Form 8011c (Please print Form 8011c, fill-in and bring it to the event).

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