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IMPORTANT: your voice is needed! Complete the McKee Neighbourhood Questionnaire
September 23, 2021
Thornhill Community Consultation – Part 2
November 24, 2021
IMPORTANT: your voice is needed! Complete the McKee Neighbourhood Questionnaire
September 23, 2021
Thornhill Community Consultation – Part 2
November 24, 2021

IT’S HAPPENING!!! Mission is getting not one, not two, but THREE new pump tracks in 2021. “Three? What? Wait? How do I not know about this?” Read on to learn more. And read to the bottom because we need your help to make this happen!

Pump Track One: Kearsley Creek Campground. Built Spring 2021 by Golden Dirt Trails, it enjoyed a summer of campers & riders at Kearsley Creek. Many thanks to the City of Mission Forestry & RSTBC for the permission & funding. This pump track was the answer to “what can all these kids (and adults) on bikes do while camping?”

Pump Track Two is in progress at Tom Jones Park. It was started in January and was waiting for dirt until June. Once the dirt arrived, our community stepped up! But then the build was put on hold as we ran out of dirt and the dry weather turned everything to dust. But the rain and the dirt are back! We’ve got several more piles of dirt (and more if we need it) to finish off the loop. Keep reading to see how you can help…


Pump Track Three… is just breaking ground and we are stoked! It’s been a long-time coming, and the City of Mission hired Canadian Ramp Company & Velosolutions to build both a pump track and a skills park. City of Mission and the public feedback agreed with the consultants’ report done by FVMBA volunteers: best place in Mission for a bike skills park and pump track: Griner Park. Don’t fret snow lovers -> the pump track won’t impact sledding, and future bike park features will only make sledding more epic on snow days, not less!!!


Now, here’s where the YOU come in!
Track one – complete. Needs a tune up in the spring, but we’ll cross that bridge then.
Track two – half done. Needs as many volunteer hands as we can muster to turn piles of dirt into berms and whoops and more.
Track three – underway. Needs 2-3 asphalt-hauling volunteer days to get it done.

Why are volunteers needed for pros building a pump track you say? The state of labour affairs today is such that the contractor can’t get sufficient labour (6-8 people) scheduled for the 2-3 days they need it for the asphalt ‘pour’. So, we have offered for the community to step in (like what happened in Chilliwack) and bridge the gap. We need 8-10 people running wheelbarrows for 2-3 days.

What’s in it for you? Lunch, ownership, and builders rights to first tracks and a cold (or hot!) drink after.
What’s in it for the City & community? We get more asphalt miles for the $$ spent as the vollies are filling in where the market can’t.

Here’s the how: Sign up to our email list if you are interested in helping out. Work is WEATHER DEPENDENT! We’ll be in touch with weather friendly dates, times, & locations.

We will also be posting info on the Mission Community Ride Server.

This service is freshly launched and aims to be the place where riders of all ages can build community and ride and build more together.

To involve you in the planning process for a second, the camping one was a facility-based solution to campers on bikes. The asphalt pump track: all-weather, all-wheel playground. The dirt (Tom Jones) pump track: built by bikers, for bikes. Starts small, but we are able to make it our own and include skill-building doubles and line transfers. And we can reconfigure in the future if we want too!

Here’s the ask: let’s all grab a shovel or a wheelbarrow this October and then we’ll have not one, not two, but three pump tracks to play on!

Sign up for dig duty here!

And finally, if you come out to help, we can talk about the next progression in jump skills already here in Mission.

Questions? Email bikeparks@missionridesbikes.org and we’ll fill you in.

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