Red Mountain – Detours Now Open

Heritage Update – Fall 2022
November 4, 2022
Volunteer Shoutout – Woodlot Fall 2022
November 21, 2022

A very big thank you to BC Hydro and Mission Forestry for supporting the FVMBA with funds for trail work to keep trails at Red Mountain accessible while the BC Hydro tower is under construction for the next year.

With the main FSR (RE100) up Red closed, detours are in effect. Riders have two options to access the network:

  1. a black diamond climb up Lower Momentum to Black Tie to then join with the FSR RW100;
  2. or a mostly blue pedal (with a little bit of black) along FSRs RE200 & RE300 to upper Caswell to Red Rider which also joins with FSR RW100

See the map below for all closures and each of the detour options (yellow = closed, orange = blue climb option, pink = black climb option). Please note that Caswell and this section of Red Rider are shared with equestrians. Mountain bikers must yield to horses.

Arduum and Mastadon are closed during construction; there is no access to either trail from the top of the mountain (as this is where the new tower is being constructed) and no access for hikers to connect between the trails or to the rest of the network.

A key part of the project was a reroute of Black Tie. Future tree harvesting by Mission Forestry will impact the original line. FVMBA Trail Crew rerouted Black Tie out of the flagged cutblock area. A big thank you to Mission Forestry for funding this work.

Additional work by the FVMBA Trail crew included clearing downed trees on Caswell, improving water management & drainage on Red Ride, and brushing Caswell, Red Rider, Valley View and rEdneck. As mentioned previously, crew also created some slightly more climb friendly options on Momentum by twinning short sections of the trail. And as a bonus, there’s a new log ride on Momentum which can be ridden either direction. With the recent cold dry weather, trails are running great, check out the new work soon!


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