Red Mountain – Update Fall 2022

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October 5, 2022
Thornhill Trails Agreement
November 4, 2022

While Red Mountain certainly isn’t a secret,  it is sometimes is overshadowed by the more popular Bear Mountain across the road. If you’re looking for technical trails with rocks and roots, moss-lined singletrack that curves under tall cedars and arches of vine maple, and don’t mind working for your ride, Red offers all that and more.

For the next year, if you ride Red, you’ll need to take a detour to access the trail network. With construction of a new BC Hydro tower ongoing from now until August 2023, the primary climb access for mountain bikers via the FSR (RE100 on Trailforks) is closed. To avoid the road closure, riders will need to climb via Gun Club Bypass to Momentum to Black Tie, where you can rejoin the road. Map of detour route.

FVMBA Trail Crew will be out on Red this Fall working on Momentum and Black Tie to make these trails a little more friendly to climb up. A big thank you to BC Hydro for donating funds to FVMBA to complete this trail work so that the trails remain accessible during tower construction

First up for trail crew was replacement of a boardwalk and a bridge on lower Momentum. Both were showing their age with signs of rot, missing slats, and some instability.

Crew has also begun building short bypasses around some of the steeper more technical sections on Momentum. Don’t worry, the original lines will remain for riders descending and those who still want the extra challenge. Even with these new “ride-arounds”, Momentum will still be a black rated technical climb. Regardless of which direction you are travelling on the trail, please keep you head up for riders & hikers coming the other direction.

Black Tie is also getting reroutes. Future harvesting by Mission Foresty will impact the trail, so the reroutes will keep the trail out of the harvest area as well as have gentler grades for climbing.

Work in progress: start of a reroute on Black Tie

The location of the tower construction is near the top of Arduum and Mastadon and both of these trails are closed during construction as well.

Road & Trail Closures: RE 100, Arduum, Mastadon


Trail work funded by BC Hydro as part of the Hayward Telecom Project.









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