Reporting Trail Issues – How to Help!

FVMBA Trail Building Workshops – Fall 2023
October 9, 2023
Trails for Weather – Heritage Mountain
December 8, 2023

It’s the season for stormy weather and windy days, and there’s bound to be a few trees down on the trails. Be sure to keep alert in case you encounter any yourself and have time to slow down and avoid crashing.

If you do see one, how can you help?

Clear what you can by hand – branches & loose debris can clog drains, pose a tripping hazard, and can get caught in spokes. Consider carrying a folding hand saw to help clear small trees.
Can’t clear by hand? Let FVMBA volunteers find & fix issues easily by filing a Trailforks report! Here’s some tips to help our builders out:
  1. File the Trailforks report on trail while using the app. This will record the location of the issue directly in the report.
  2. Take a picture or two so that the issue is clearly visible. One from father back so the whole trail is visible, and perhaps one a little closer up to help show the size of the tree.
  3. Provide a detailed description & location (including approximate diameter of the tree) so volunteers know what tools they need: Will a hand saw do? Does it need a larger chainsaw? Was the tree uprooted and does the trail need fixing too?
You do need a Trailforks account to file a report, either a free or pro account will do. Why use Trailforks and not Facebook? Not all FVMBA builders check Facebook regularly and often posts can get missed. FVMBA volunteers can subscribe by email to receive reports for the trail networks they help at and get prompt notification of trail issues.

FVMBA trail builders also request that if the fallen tree is cedar, to please either leave the tree for our volunteers to clear, or to cut the tree in such a away that the cedar is still useful for using in trail infrastructure. While there is an abundance of cedar adjacent to many trails, not all trails are so fortunate, and cedar is the preferred material for all woodwork on trails.

And don’t forget, if you clear something, please report that too! Builders get a little grumpy if they haul a chainsaw up the mountain only to find the tree has already been cleared.

Happy trails!

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