Riding to Equality

Image of Owen nailing the new bridge together while Ryan supervises
Introducing the FVMBA Summer Trail Crew
June 1, 2020
Siobhan of the FVMBA trail crew using a hammer and axe to split a cedar log into rungs to use for a bridge
July Trail Crew Update
July 5, 2020

Sunlight shining through the moss covered branches of a cedar tree

As a mountain biking and trail association, we know that sport and access to nature is vitally important in creating a healthy and engaged community and society. Our forests and our trail networks offer opportunities for exercise, conversation, community, and escape from our busy lives. Plus, it’s really really fun.

But there is something missing. Someone missing. And that’s not fun.

Our mission says the FVMBA will build a culture of inclusive mountain bike communities. How can this be achieved if we don’t have diversity on the trails? While inclusivity certainly extends to age and ability, it has to extend to race and gender equality. Our vision consists of “thriving trails and communities,” but how can we thrive when we just don’t see many Black people, Indigenous people, or People of Colour on the trails?

The FVMBA will continue to take steps towards meaningful engagement and reconciliation with all groups. We know we have work to do.

Help lift up other voices and continue to listen and learn. Please take the time to support those who are fighting for representation in the mountain biking and outdoor recreation community:


Additional resources that you may be interested in are provided below:

Resources from the Western Mountain Bike Advocacy Symposium for Building Diversity

Anti-racism resources, created by Sarah Sophie Flicker & Alyssa Klein

THIS LAND screened at the Banff Film Festival:


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