FVMBA Rules of Trail Use


Ride on open trails only.


Leave no trace.


Control your bicycle.


Always yield trail.


Never spook animals.


Plan ahead.

We maintain an open and healthy relationship with all other trail users. We don’t own the trails. We are simply caretakers and we want to be respectful of the land and other users who enjoy different activities on the trails.

To this end here are a few more guidelines for Mountain Bike use on trails:

  1. Assume you are not seen nor heard….call out when coming upon other trail users so as not to startle them
  2. If trail is damaged/hazardous, mark it & contact FVMBA …. ignoring it could hurt others
  3. Be respectful & kind to other users in other sports…. they have a right to be here too
  4. Don’t assume dogs on the trail will move out of your way…. you can hurt them
  5. Never conduct any trail repairs or alterations without contacting FVMBA
  6. Very wet trails are easily damaged…. when its pouring out, stay at home
  7. Ride, don’t slide…. dragging your back tire destroys trails wicked fast
  8. Look ahead when you are riding…. you’ll be surprised at what you might see
  9. Horses will always be more afraid of you than you are of them…. stop & let them pass
  10. Hikers/runners will always be more afraid of you than you are of them…. stop & let them pass

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