#SaveSumas photo and message campaign.

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October 16, 2017
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November 7, 2017
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#SaveSumas photo and message campaign.

The Save Sumas campaign is coming to a close.  Our input as a public user group is due in the first week of November and we will be submitting the results of the online petition (over 5,000 people now!!) & the hundreds of letters of opposition to the project we have been gathering.  One final thing the team would like to do is give a face to the impact of this project.  We’re launching a #savesumas photo contest.

You love Sumas? You love Riding, Running or Hiking it? You put in your time building those perfect trails that are under threat? You signed the petition, but you want to do more? Then get involved in our #savesumas photo campaign!!

YOU have built up a collection of great photos over the years of you and your crew killing it on the mountain.
YOU have photos of those perfect views, and those serene trails.
WE want those photos. Send them in to savesumas@fvmba.com
TELL us WHO is in the photo, WHY it means so much to you, and WHY you want the Province to listen to you and say no to the proposed quarry.
WE will forward your photo on to the decision makers for the project and show them why Sumas means so much to so many people. We want to make this campaign personal. We want the Province to see what will be lost if the quarry goes ahead.

You can also post your photos to social media with the hashtag #savesumas so everyone can easily see what we stand to lose.

Each day from now until November 3rd we also will push the photo of the day to our fellow trail user groups at Run For Water, Abbotsford Trail Running Club, Fox Fleet, and Tourism Abbotsford to be shared via our respective social media channels as our #savesumas photo of the day. Let’s get the photos rolling and show the decision makers just what is at stake.

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