SaveSumas Summary

#SaveSumas photo and message campaign.
October 25, 2017
2017 Year in Review!
December 21, 2017
#SaveSumas photo and message campaign.
October 25, 2017
2017 Year in Review!
December 21, 2017


We wanted to update the masses on the final outputs from our SaveSumas campaign.  It is summarized in detail in this document (Save Sumas Campaign Summary), but here are the highlights:

  • over 6,000 signatories to the petiton
  • hundreds of letters and personal messages sent via and couriered documents
  • partnerships established with a mix of user groups and stakeholders to show a unified opposition to the proposal
  • Media posts and interviews to drive the message at Pinkbike, local and regional news.
  • Event hosted at Old Abbey Ales to galvanize support and gather the community
  • A wonderful letter from Sam:

A team of volunteers pulled together to pull this massive effort off within the 30-day window for feedback and without any notice or planning.  This was the opposite of moving mountains – it was all geared to ensure one stays put!

We now await the process to unfold but remain vigilant and engaged to see this through to a positive outcome.  Below is the letter sent to the Minister responsible as well as all MLA’s covering the region and senior staff that have input on the decision.

The role of advocacy never stops so we’ll carry on doing what we do best – fighting for the right to singletrack!  We’re still looking for support in many ways.  More to come in the future about ways you can get involved and contribute to protecting existing, and creating new trails in the Fraser Valley.


Letter to Government stakeholders:



We hope this message finds you all well. I am a Director for the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association (FVMBA) and am pleased to submit the attached summary of the Save Sumas Campaign we launched a month ago. This campaign has been in response to the proposed Quarry Development Application to which we, and the over 6,000 signatories to the petition below are opposed.

The team that have formed to show support for outdoor recreation on Sumas Mountain are comprised of mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, and a mix of other recreation users. The trails on the mountain are subject to a partnership agreement per Section 56 of the FRPA the Province has with the FVMBA.

While we acknowledge that this does not protect the trails from resource extraction, this quarry proposal cannot co-exist with the trails that run through the area as marked, as well as with other trails in the immediate area. No objectives for the loss of trails and access have been established by the proponent. We work closely with many other active logging and mining operations in the areas we manage throughout the Fraser Valley and understand the importance and balance of the economics in play. There is a value to the gravel in the ground, but we feel strongly that the value of the trails and recreation equals or exceeds that to this region. This application does not find a balance between those two elements.

Our request on behalf of the thousands of petitioners, hundreds of personal message we have conveyed through this process and dozens of user groups that enjoy the trails on Sumas Mountain is simple: Do not allow this proposal to proceed.

We are optimistic that you will agree with our objection to this proposal and we look forward to future discussions of how we can find a permanent balance for all the stakeholders of Sumas Mountain.


  1. JOnathan Ratzlaff says:

    Thank you for galvanizing the community While the local community as faced a lot of threats in the past, lng plants, refineries, the city of Abbotsford, I am glad that other agencies are also voicing a concern for this area. This area has far more potential for recreation for the local community than is recognized by the provincial and local government an this is finally being recognized.


    • Rocky says:

      Hi Jonathan, we’re happy to help and be able to be the voice for the trails as they won’t say much for themselves! The fight is far from over and will be a going concern as Sumas is always going to be home to valuable natural resources to go with the natural beauty that we all cherish. We’ll continue to lead the charge and appreciate the support. – FVMBA

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