Trail Closures and Notices


Vedder Mountain & Tamihi

No current closures.


Sumas Mountain

High fire hazard – mountain closed to all recreation users.


Heritage Trail Network

Use caution. High fire hazard. No trail work permitted.

Red Mountain & Bear Mountain

District of Mission – Bear Mountain Logging Plan

We are very happy to have received a successful bid from a well respected local logging contractor for harvesting and road construction. Here’s the scoop on how this will all play out. As you can see, there are several areas that are included in this contract. The contractor will NOT be active in all areas at once. This notification sign will be placed at Mill Pond and Saunders Parking lot, as well as an additional sign that will announce THAT DAYS TRAIL CLOSURES only.

The road to SU15 will be the first area of work. This affects no current trail closures unless blasting is required (which would close the mountain for the day). Start date still to be confirmed. Notices going up this week. Anyone needing to know can always call the office before heading out.

So one only has to CHECK THE SIGN before proceeding and OBEY ALL CLOSURES to be safe out there. There are still several loop trips available.

Exact start date TBD – tree falling of the right of way is the first step but it will occur within sometime after January 11.

For any questions, please email

Maple Ridge

Golden Ears & The Woodlot

No current closures.

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