Trail Closures and Notices

Please note that trail closures are set by land managers, not by the FVMBA

Regarding COVID-19, we ask all trail users to please follow the directives of the Public Health Authority, practicing safe distancing while on trail, recreating within your local community, and only with members of your own household. For additional information, please see the FVMBA Trail Use Recommendations.

Recreation Sites & Trails BC (RSTBC)

For full details on how specific sites and facilities are affected during the pandemic, please refer directly to the RSTBC COVID-19 response. For other trails and facilities notifications from RST, please see their website for alerts, closures, and warnings.

BC Parks

For full details for specific park areas throughout BC, please refer directly to the BC Parks COVID-19 response. Note that some parks now have a day use reservation system in place, including Golden Ears.


Vedder Mountain & Tamihi

No current closures.


Sumas Mountain

July 24th, 2021: The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) has closed all trails within Sumas Mountain Regional Park effective Saturday, July 24th due to dry conditions and extreme fire risk in the region. See map below for the boundaries of the regional park (Map credit:

Closed trails include:

  • Knob
  • Salty Nozzle
  • Glen Ryder
  • Chadsey Lake
  • Centennial Trail within the park
  • top of Holiday Sauce and top of Squid Line
  • Soft Taco
  • Long Way Home

Trails outside of the regional park are not closed at this time (these trails are on crown land and are managed by the province and not managed by the FVRD). The gate at the bottom of Sumas presently remains open. The gate is under the jurisdiction of the City of Abbotsford.


July 29th, 2021: Message from the District of Mission: “The City of Mission expects to be at the 30-30 cross over the long weekend = 30 degree temperature and 30% Humidity – which, if a wildfire started under these conditions, would exhibit extreme behaviour and would be extremely difficult to control. We need an ‘ALL-IN’ from everyone to protect our Community and local forests – please respect these temporary trail closures until the Fire Hazard is significantly reduced.’”

Heritage Trail Network

July 28th, 2021: The District of Mission has closed all trails within Fraser River Heritage Park until further notice due to extreme fire risk.

Red Mountain & Bear Mountain

July 27th, 2021: The District of Mission has closed all access to Tree Farm License 26 due to the extreme fire risk. This affects all trails at Red and Bear Mountain as well as the Stave and Steelhead recreation areas. All details of the closure are found here.

Closure of the trails applies to all activities, including but not limited to hiking, trail running, biking, trail work, horse riding, and all motorized vehicles, both on and off-road.

From the District of Mission website:
“The RCMP, Conservation Officers Service, Fire Department and By-Laws will be establishing a checkpoint at the start of the Florence Lake FSR over the long weekend. Only vehicles travelling to designated campsites or the Hydro Boat Launch will be allowed in the area at this time. No other activities are permitted in the area until the Fire Hazard is significantly reduced. There will also be regular patrols of the area, and anyone in violation of the closure will be asked to leave the area. For the safety of our Community, please respect this temporary closure and the individuals stationed at the checkpoint and on patrols.”


Maple Ridge


No current closures.

The Woodlot

July 28th, 2021: The BCIT Forest Society which holds the forestry license for Woodlot 0007 requests that all riding within the Woodlot cease until fire hazard decreases and we receive rain.

February, 2021: Recreation Sites and Trails has posted “Trail Closed” signs on Heckyl and Jeckyl and Cheap Swill as these trails presently violate the FVMBAs agreement with the Province. The FVMBA is working with the builders and RST to correct the violations and to establish Cheap Swill as authorized. The “Trail Closed” signs will remain in place until all violations are corrected. We ask all users to respect the closures, thank you.

Golden Ears

No current closures. BC Parks has implemented a Day Use reservation system. Passes are free and can be reserved through the Discover Camping website. See BC Parks website for more information.

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