Trail Crew Update – August 2023

Volunteer Shout Out – July 2023
August 1, 2023
Congratulations! 2023 Trail Trimming Challenge Winners
September 5, 2023

Worked slowed down a little through August, with crew taking some time off for well-deserved vacations. Fire hazard remained high or extreme most of August limiting chainsaw use and making dirt work difficult too. But crew was prepared! On a few snow days last winter, crew prepped some cedar for future bridge projects. With rounds for slats and stringers already cut, a “bridge kit” so to speak, we were able to comply with all regulations around power tool use when fire hazard ratings were elevated. Look for some fresh woodwork on Squid Line and Noah Fear.

Squid Line has over 30 bridges & boardwalks, many of which are due for replacement. Crew has made an excellent progress this summer, rebuilding those in the worst condition; more replacements are planned for the Fall and into next year. Noah and Jared have also started replacing the older bridges on Noah Fear. The entrance bridge is now complete and work has begun to repair the optional log ride near the start of the trail. Funding for these projects is supported by a generous donation from the Specialized Soil Searching program.

While bridge building tends to be more photogenic, much of trail crew’s work doesn’t lend itself to looking as pretty for the camera. Repairing erosion – whether it’s holes & braking bumps, trail edges that are crumbling away, or patching berms – dirt work is an essential part of trail maintenance. At Elk Mountain, crew completed some repair work for the Fraser Valley Regional District, building retaining walls, repairing the eroded trail surface, and adding some rock steps to help reduce future erosion. Many thanks to the Chilliwack Park Society who join us for a couple of days to help with this project! We’re grateful to the FVRD for opportunities such as this project that help keep our trail crew employed year round.

The recent rains also provided the opportunity for some dirt repair work at Vedder. Skidder & Terdferg saw a dirt refresh, patching up jumps & berms, fixing other eroded sections, and clearing drains in preparation for future rains. The FVMBA received a grant from Two for the Trails through Athletic Brewing to fund trail work at Vedder.

Look for more work to come this fall at all of the FVMBA maintained trail networks, crew is looking forward to tacky dirt and cooler temps!


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