Trail Crew update – fall, 2020

Trail Volunteers shout out – fall, 2020
October 13, 2020
Job posting – short term Trail Crew contract
December 4, 2020

Fall is often ideal trail work conditions and the FVMBA Trail Crew has been hard at work taking advantage of the perfect mix of sun and rain.

Sumas Mountain saw some more love in early October. No Time Out got a trimming top to bottom with all drains cleared to keep the puddles down throughout the rainy season. Some fresh dirt got shaped on Time Killer, adding drainage and repairing some eroded sections in the lower clear cut. Devil’s Throat also got a top to bottom trim and updated drainage and a new exit to replace the previous rotten and slick woodwork. A revisit to Squid Line saw a boardwalk replaced too.


Next, the crew headed to the Woodlot in Maple Ridge. First up was replacing the rickety old sky bridge on Stove Top. The original bridge, while an iconic feature, crossed a stream at a wide point and given its length, we chose to save time and effort and rerouted the trail so it crossed the creek at a narrower point. Tsuga also saw some love, with a new bridge and boardwalk near the top. Many thanks to Lee, FVMBA Director for Maple Ridge, who joined us multiple days and helped haul cedar to the bridge locations.


The crew will be spending the next few weeks at Bear & Red, stayed tuned for more updates!

This work is made possible through funding provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement via a Community Workforce Response Grant, Youth Community Partnership stream.

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