Trail Crew Update – Fall 2023

Trails for Weather – Heritage Mountain
December 8, 2023
2023 Trail Crew Year in Review
February 2, 2024

Fall brings hero dirt for riding and hero dirt for digging; the cooler temps and rain mean autumn is perfect for trail work and trail crew has been busy!

October had the crew back at Chadsey Lake on Sumas, replacing more boardwalks. This time the muddy sections around the lake en route to the Eastern Lookout got redone, no more muddy feet.

Crew also spent a lot of time brushing & doing some reroutes at Heritage – check out all the Heritage updates here, it’s a great little network for when the snow flies at higher elevation.

Crew has also been busy at Bear with work on Jolly Rancher & BTLC. Jolly Rancher has seen a lot of love this fall with a major rebuild of the top of the trail underway along with many upgrades throughout. Crew’s work is complemented by the hard work on many volunteers – a big thank you to Rocky for leading the fall trail days & to all who joined us for digging. Jolly Rancher was also the focus of several of the trail steward workshops to improve the drainage on the trail and reduce erosion. Much of the old woodwork has been removed and is in the process of being replaced. New grade reversals were built to divert water off the trail and also serve as small rocky rolls or jumps. It’s a big project and there’s lots more work to come. The trail remains open during the rebuild, check it out! BTLC also got a new bridge in a low swampy section along with ongoing drain clearing work.

Crew has also begun work to replace the long optional skinny at the bottom of Electric Lettuce at Vedder. Earlier this year the exit ramp was replaced and now the full rebuild has begun. It will be out of commission over the holidays; stayed tuned for it’s completion in January.

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