Trail Crew Update – March 2022

FVMBA Trail Building Workshops – Spring 2024
March 1, 2024
20 Years of FVMBA – Thornhill
March 7, 2024

2024 is off to a busy start for the FVMBA trail crew. Despite fluctuations in weather – snow, heavy rains, a cold snap, and warm sunshine, bringing a few days of t-shirt weather, crew has been gettin’ ‘er done. This is the second year of having crew year-round; a big thank you to everyone who supports the FVMBA with a membership; this funding is crucial in being able to keep crew working – don’t forget to renew!

First up was completing the skinny rebuild at the bottom of Mango Mango (Electric Lettuce). Built solid, with a slightly higher entrance than the previous iteration, keeping it true to the original feel, and rideable in either direction (if you dare). Have you checked it out yet? Thank you to Graham and Cam for helping Noah and Jared out with the build!

Over at Heritage, Gondola got some mellower climbing options added in. It’s still steep and punchy, and for those that want, the original steep line is there, but you now have the choice of some gentler switchbacks when climbing to the top. Amazing dirt at Heritage!

The heavy rains in February undermined a short section of Notarizer at Vedder, leaving a hole in the trail. We opted to reroute and rebuild the bridge at the same time to realign it with the new section of trail. Keeping it consistent with Notarizer’s notoriety for being steep & techy, the new line is a bit punchy after the bridge with a tight corner to merge back in with the original trail. Again, thank you to Graham, FVMBA Chilliwack trails rep, for helping out!

Ditch Chicken also got some love after the rains, with repair to some erosion, new drainage & ditching, plus fresh cedar.

Currently Jared and Noah are working at Red Mountain in Mission. First up was a bridge near the exit of Arduum. Currently crew is working on Mastodon, giving it a raking & refresh after logging, re-establishing drainage, and replacing woodwork. A big thank you to Ian and Rocky for clearing all of the downed trees. More work on Mastodon to come.


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