Trail Crew Update – September 2023

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September 20, 2023
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October 9, 2023

September rains meant tacky dirt & fire hazard is down to low or very low, prime digging season is here!

Trail crew continued work on Noah Fear with a refresh of the log ride near the top – new entrance ramp, revamped and replaced slats along the log, and replacement of both exit options, ramp & a drop. It’s a tight wiggle between the trees onto the log ride, the original line from when handlebars weren’t as wide; please don’t alter the trees to make it wider, we’d like them to stay healthy for many years to come. Think of it as an opportunity to hone your balance skills.

Over at Vedder, crew replaced the exit ramp at the end of the big long skinny at the end of Electric Lettuce. Much of this feature is rotting, and crew will be replacing it in stages with the goal of keep it as true to the original as possible.

Back at Sumas with another opportunity from the FVRD, crew replaced several boardwalks on the Chadsey Lake trail to help keep folks out of the mud as the rainy season returns.

On Emma Peel, much to our surprise and disappointment, someone decided to cut out a big cedar log that for years had been a feature on the trail. The log also helped reduce erosion. It looks like the individual thought it would make good firewood and didn’t consider the value the cedar provided to the trail. Thankfully, it was a larger log, and crew was able to drag a portion of it back into place. While the feature looks a little different now, the log will help retain dirt as the previous portion did. Crew also did other touch ups in the area, refreshing the corner below and rebenching a few sections where the edge of the trail was eroding and patching up some holes left by horses.

Want to help out on the trails? Check out all of our fall dig dates!

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