Trim the Trails Challenge 2024

Welcome Summer ’24 Trail Crew
June 15, 2024
Welcome Summer ’24 Trail Crew
June 15, 2024

It’s that time of year again…

This Spring’s heavy rains alternating with sunny warm weather has meant the forests are lush… and getting overgrown. The blackberries, stinging nettle, ferns, and other foliage are creeping in and if not burning or scratching your arms and legs, they are limiting your ability to see the trail ahead. The FVMBA trail crew along with some dedicated volunteers have been keeping busy keeping the greenery trimmed but they need some help.

From June 16th to August 16th we’re running a challenge to help keep the trails clear. We’ve identified priority trails in each of the trail networks that most need help. For each trail you clear, you get an entry to win a prize pack. We’ll have two draws, one mid-July and one at the end of the challenge in mid-August.

How it works…
  • Read our guide to trimming; it’s not complicated work, but there are some best practices we need to follow
  • Pick the riding area you want to help at and select a trail from the list
  • Check the embedded spreadsheet to see if it is listed as being cleared (if you don’t see the trail listed, that means no one has cleared it yet; be sure to scroll through)
  • Grab your trimming gear* & head out to the trail. Brush the trail back so that there’s a nice wide trail corridor. Clear debris off the trail (especially any bigger branches and branches with thorns)
  • Take a picture of your hard work
  • Record your work by clicking the appropriate button below & filling in the linked form

*Loppers, clippers, machetes, hedge trimmers etc all can get the job done. If you need trimming gear, the FVMBA has a limited selection of equipment to loan out. Get in touch with our Ops Manager at and we’ll connect you to a local trail rep.

Shout-out to SORCA for the idea and inspiring us!


Red Mountain

Bear Mountain

Sumas Mountain

Vedder Mountain

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