Volunteer Shoutout – Woodlot Fall 2022

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Now that some moisture has returned to the trails, many FVMBA volunteer builders are busy working hard to keep the trails running well. There’s been a lot happening at the Woodlot in Maple Ridge the past year, including tons of fresh dirt,  new cedar creations, and the reopening of an old almost forgotten line. The FVMBA and the riding community is lucky to have so many incredibly talented builders with a passion for creating fun trails.

Earlier this this year, Ryan D and Eugene finished up a full revitalization of Giant Killer. These guys know how to build a fun trail and make it sustainable. Many thanks to the hundreds of hours they both put in working on drainage, minor reroutes, moving rock & dirt, replacing bridges, and building new drops and features. Their next project is some much needed updates to Toadstool. Expect to see some reroutes, replacement of wood work, and a lot of water management to improve the sustainability of the trail. Please stay tuned to Trailforks & watch for signs on trail as work is in progress and there may be temporary closures.

Gord & Scott and crew took on the challenge of reopening The Gate. The trail was closed for logging and had yet to be reopened. Rebuilding a trail through a clearcut is challenging work & takes commitment. Starting just below the gate at the powerlines, the trail twists and turns its way to connect up with the start of Tsuga. The trail is a natural technical trail rated blue. It’s great to have this trail back, returning more single track to the network, thank you Gord & Scott & crew for all of the hard work restoring it. Future plans are to add some optional black diamond features to it, so stay tuned!

Gord and crew also look after Krazy Karpenter and recently completed the replacement of an old rotting bridge.

Another big project underway is a rebuild of Blood Donor. The trail is closed during construction for safety reasons, please choose an alternate trail & respect the wishes of the builders. Andrew, Bryan, Jared, and others in their crew have been moving a ton of dirt, shaping berms, table tops, and gaps (optional). While it is a jump trail catering to skilled riders, there will be opportunities for progression. Many thanks to all who are helping move & shape dirt to revitalize the trail.


Dean works hard keeping Snakes & Ladders running smooth. If you catch him at work, chances are, you’ll see him moving big rocks or hauling large cedar.


Over on Platinum, Ryan W & co have been busy recreating many of the old wooden features that had fallen into disrepair. Again, work is ongoing, please respect all trail signage and wait until features are finished before riding. Expect a few minor reroutes, the addition of some new options, and beautifully crafted ladder bridges, drops, and jumps. Coming soon… a roller coaster! Thank you Ryan for re-imagining each of these original features for modern bikes and for your dedication to the craft of trail building.


We are incredibly grateful to all of the volunteers who keep the trails running so well, thank you to all who volunteer their time and hard work at the Woodlot and all of the other trail networks within the Fraser Valley.

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  1. Chad Dykman says:

    Thanks for the work @ Woodlot, Looking forward to checking out all of the trails! Really Beefin up that mountain!

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